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Asking and giving street directions.

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

In this blog, you will learn how to ask for and give directions to help you find places in a city. For example, if you need to find the town centre from the airport, this blog will help you. This article is based on a video lesson, and the transcript has been included below. There is a dialogue in each scene of the video, which will teach you important phrases for communicating to people when you are lost in a foreign country, or to people lost in your city.

So let's get started. Watch the video, and follow the transcript below:

Video Transcript
Hi, this is Teacher Dom, and welcome to my next lesson which is asking for and giving directions.
The title of this lesson is, "Where is it?" For example, "Where is the bank?"

"Where is the post office?"

Oh! Here I am. Welcome, and I will be asking this question to people in the next scene. To help you understand how to ask question when you are lost in a city.
So, let's get into it right now!
So, here we are. I've just arrived off my space ship, and I really need the toilet.

So, I need to ask someone where the toilet is. So, here's the question.
Teacher Dom - Excuse me. Where's the toilet?
Security Guard - Ok. You need to go up the stairs, through the doors, and enter the baggage reclaim area.
Once you enter the baggage reclaim area, you will see the toilets on the right.

There's a big sign which will indicate where you need to go.
Teacher Dom - Ok Thanks!
So, the question was, "Where's the toilet?" Where is the toilet?
(Scene 2 - At the Bus Stop)
Ok. Here I am, at the bus stop now. And I need to catch the bus to the centre of town. So, I'm going to ask this traveller. Because travellers often know a lot of information when they visit a town.
Teacher Dom - Excuse me. Do you know where this bus goes?
Traveller - This bus stops at the shopping centre, just outside of town.
Teacher Dom - Ah I see. I need a bus which takes me to the centre of town. Do you know which bus I need to get for the town centre?
Traveller - Sure, you need to take the number 5 bus, and that will take you into the centre of town, to the square.
(Scene 3 - In the centre of town.)
Ok. Here I am. In the centre of town, and I'm looking for a restaurant this time. The Greasy Spoon. So, I will ask this person where the restaurant is.
Man - You look lost. Can I help you?
Teacher Dom - Yes, I'm looking for a restaurant called The Greasy Spoon. I think it's near the square.

Man - Ah yes! The Greasy Spoon. It's not far from here. Just cross the road, go to the end of the road, turn right, and walk past the big tall brown building on your left, continue walking along the road, until you get to a pink building. It's the first on the left.
Teacher Dom - Right, I think I've got that. So, cross the road, turn right, walk past the big tall brown building on my left, and when I see a big tall pink building, it's the first on my left. Excellent. Thank you!
Well I'm really happy, because I found The Greasy Spoon. And now I'm back in the centre of town because I'm looking for the apartment I reserved.
(Scene 4 - Looking for the apartment)
Ok, So I've had my lunch at The Greasy Spoon, and now I'm looking for the apartment I booked online for my holiday. So, let's ask this guy coming up now.
Teacher Dom - Hi, I was wondering if you can help me. I'm looking for and apartment. It's in Blue Road. Er, it's a grey apartment and it's at the end of the street. Can you help me?
Young Asian Man - Sure, no problem. You need to cross the street here. Walk across the park. And opposite the park, you can see a tall blue building. Turn left at that building. Walk to the end of the road, and you will see the grey apartment.
Teacher Dom - Ok. I think I've got that. Cross the street. Cross the park. Turn left at the blue building, and it's at the end of the road. Thanks very much!
Well here I am, back again. I found the apartment! So, let's go and see the apartment right now!
(Scene 5 - At the apartment.)
Ok. I got to the apartment, but there's a problem. There's a security passcode to enter the main front door of this flat (British English), or apartment (American English), and I need to send a voice message to the owner of the house. So they can help me. So, let's go. Let's record this message.
Teacher Dom - Hi! This is Teacher Dom and I'm outside the apartment and I cannot get in. I need a security code. Can you send me a message back immediately with the security code, so I can get through the front door? Thank you.
House Owner - Hi, this is the owner of the house. Well, the code is 1234. Enter that code, and you can enter the house, no problem.
Well, thanks for watching. And that was my lesson on Teacher Dom visits London - Asking for and giving directions to find places in towns and cities. I hope you enjoyed my lesson. Go to my website and have a look at my other video lessons.
And why not book a lesson: a real lesson with me?

So, thanks for watching. See you very soon!
(This blog is a transcript of a video lesson, titled "Where is it?" A lesson on asking for and giving directions.)
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