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How to Introduce Yourself in English - An Essential Guide on English Conversation Skills.

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

As you read this, imagine having to introduce yourself in English at parties, business events, or in general social situations. How do you feel? If English is not your native language, it is likely to be a stressful situation for you. Read on.


I will help you improve your confidence, your communication skills and your ability to make a good first impression, if you keep reading. FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) already kicking in? Stay with me on this, and you will definitely benefit.

It is time to stop depending on your friends and colleagues who speak English better than you. It is time to avoid introducing yourself by allowing a friend or business acquaintance to introduce you.

Introductions and making the right first impression is the most important characteristic of communication in any language. It can convince a potential business client to buy a product or service from you. It could begin a new friendship or relationship, or simply assist you in building rapport with someone who you have just met.

If you practice the following phrases before you engage in your next introduction, it will soon begin to feel right.



Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dominic.
May I introduce myself. My name is Mr. Goodbody.
I would like to introduce myself. My name is Mr. Adams.
Please allow me to introduce myself...



Hi! My name's...and you?
Hey there! We haven't met. What is your name?
Hi everyone! I'm sure I won't remember everyone's name, but mine is Dominic! (Introducing yourself to a group.)
Hey! How you doing? (American English.) Dominic's the name. Yours?

You see, that's not so difficult, and I'm sure you will be able to manage those phrases in many different social situations. So, what happens after you have introduced yourself? Well, normally there is an uncomfortable silence. This is a situation when you are engaged in a conversation, then the person speaking finishes speaking. The other person may not be able to comment on the topic, resulting in some hesitation and discomfort in the conversation. However, there is another expression which is known as a comfortable silence. The opposite situation which results in a period of silence, though without feeling uncomfortable.

So, how can you get out of an uncomfortable silence?

The most important thing is not to allow that silence to continue for too long. The longer you remain silent, the more uncomfortable it can become.

Therefore, try to fill that silence with a simple comment, observation or question. Keep it simple, and maybe related to the person's name who you have just met.

For example, a dialogue could go something like this:

Hi, my name's Dominic. It's nice to meet you.
- My name is Calum. Good to meet you too. (Small uncomfortable pause.) So Dominic, you have an interesting name. Do you know where it comes from? Mine is from Latin. It means dove, as in the white bird which symbolises peace.

Eye contact is very important when engaging with someone for the first time. So, make sure you look into the person's eyes as you introduce yourself. However, try and relax when you initiate eye contact. Otherwise, you may come across as a little nervous, stressed, or even a little scary: like this furry guy here!

The direction of your stare can be important too. Some cultures find it rude if they are stared at directly. So, a solution could be to aim your gaze a little above the person's eyes and in the centre of the forehead. This way, you are not staring directly at them and not looking at their nose or mouth which can also be a sensitive area of the face to fix your eyes on. Especially if the person you are looking at has a nose which is rather on the large side, which would make our furry friend above nervous if you stare at it for too long!

With my help you will be able to feel more confident in introducing yourself. Click the link below to book a free consultation now!

Then, go out there and socialise. Practice making eye contact in the mirror with yourself before you try it on someone.

The phrases above will certainly help you create a great first impression.However, I can help you make that first impression really memorable!

Just remember, learning English is fun and should never be stressful. It's ok to make mistakes. So stay confident!

Thanks for reading!

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