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Teacherdom - Online Business English Training Courses


Essential Facts

What will I learn in an English lesson?

The English lessons provided by Teacher Dominic are fun, interesting and above all relevant to your needs. The content is appropriate for your level, so it won't be too hard, but it will also be challenging and not boring! Why not book a class right now?

I don't like doing grammar exercises. How can you help me learn English?

Getting fast results will only work if we listen to the learner and respond to their needs. If you don't like grammar, we won't study it directly. If you don't like reading in class, we won't do that. However, get in touch and let's talk about a plan to improve your skills quickly.

Do you offer  Business English for groups?

Are you looking for a business English course for your company employees? I have around 20 years of experience with teaching business English to corporate professionals. So, you are in good hands. Group classes are a great way for your team to improve quickly and confidently. Get in touch now for more information. 

What is your cancellation policy?

If you have bought a course or a class, you are entitled to a refund if you do not wish to continue. There is no obligation to complete the course if you don't want to. However, let's chat about it. Please get in touch to submit your request. Thank you.

Why should I sign up to your website? 

On this website, I want to interact with real people who are serious about learning English for business. If you are really motivated to learn business English in a safe and fun environment, then sign up right now. You will receive regular updates about new blog articles, video lessons on business English topics, and offers only available to members. Coming soon, there will be exclusive access to a language management system which is only available to members. This is an archive of free resources to help you learn English. 


So sign up right now! 

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