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3 Top Tips to Learn English Fast!

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

In today's interconnected world, English has become the universal language of communication, making it a crucial skill for personal and professional growth.

Sometimes learning English can be really difficult when you self-study, or study without a teacher to assist you. However, the solution is right here! Continue reading to discover 3 great tips you can use to learn English fast! Here are the tips, which you can start using right now!

1. Be cunning like a fox - Lose your fear of making mistakes - Make mistakes. They are important to learn a language. So, ask a friend, a colleague at work, a client in a business meeting or your teacher to correct your mistakes. (A good teacher will always correct your mistakes). Are you worried about mistakes, speaking to a client for business? A mistake can be embarrassing. However, the client needs you to succeed in business. Your products or services are valuable to them and a small error should not stop them from collaborating with you. So stay confident if you make a small mistake and remember to smile!

2. Exercise every day.

English practice is like working out in the gym: don't lift the heaviest weight immediately. Start easy, improve your skills and your strength increases. With language learning, do something easy every day, increasing your knowledge quickly. At the end of the day, review everything you have learnt, expanding your communication skills rapidly. Make a study plan to achieve your objectives. What is a study plan? Well, book an appointment with yourself in the diary to study English. Enter a day and a time when you are available, and don't cancel the appointment! Nothing must distract you. Study for a short period of time. If you are busy, five minutes is better than nothing. Although don't study for two hours, as it may stop you from progressing quickly. Do this every day, writing the appointment in your diary, what you studied and the words or phrases you learnt. This is a great way to have a record of everything you worked on. Do it now!

3. "Sorry, My English is bad." Stop Being Negative!

The quickest way to learn any language is to always be positive! So stop saying, "I can't speak English very well." Start saying, "I'm learning English every day and I'm improving fast!" How can you be positive if you are a beginner in English? Simple! Just reward yourself for the positive things you achieved. Did you listen to a podcast recently, and understood very little? No problem! Say to yourself, "I learnt some new words today! If I listen again, I will learn more!" So, remember to be positive all the time when you are learning a language.

These are my quick tips to learn English fast! Use them today, and remember that you are learning a language that takes time and dedication! So you must dedicate the time and you will see results!

Thanks for reading! Coming soon - more useful tips to improve your English skills fast!

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